Five Fall Fashion Favorites

0 comments FAVORITE season of all. It may be because of the pumpkin spice candles or the colorful array of changing leaves, or possibly the ADORABLE layers of clothing. Whatever the reason may be, let's just come to the conclusion that I LOVE FALL

Today, let's talk fashion shall we? I'm going to introduce you to 5 transitional, no fail, pieces we have in our store right now! >>>shop here<<<


First up, we have our chambray, denim blue, top. You will probably see this top, or something similar to it, all over pinterest. That's how LOVED they are. They can be layered with just about anything but pajamas. ;) They're lightweight, comfortable, and the sleeves can be rolled up to 3/4 sleeve length. Button it, tie it, or wear it open...there's really no wrong way to layer this.

Snag one >>> HERE <<<


Second, is our most beloved Trust In Me Tanks (pictured above in the color stone mel). These tanks are definitely a fan favorite and for good reason, too. For only $18, it won't hurt your wallet (or your mans). The rayon material feels like butter on your skin. Seriously, it should be illegal to wear something so comfortable in public.

Check out the colorful collection here: Trust In Me Tanks

Emma's Closet Tank Tops Rayon Spring summer fall winter necessity


Okay, let's talk dresses. If you're like me, you enjoy getting dolled up every now and then. However, that does not mean I enjoy being uncomfortable. Well, good news folks, we don't have to! (hallelujah hands) Maxi dresses are a thing and they are incredible. Not only are they the most comfortable dresses you'll ever wear, they'll also help hide that fading summer tan and keep you a little warmer at those fall weddings, you debate on going to. I will tell you from experience, when hauling around toddlers and babies, short dresses just don't cut it! Whether you're a momma or not, you will love them! 

>>> Find Your Maxi Here <<<


Throw on some leggings, grab your coffee, and take a selfie! If you follow a fashion blogger, you've probably seen those adorable pictures on instagram, right? The ones where they have on those super cozy over-sized sweaters or the "only made in dreams" cardigans. You know what I'm talkin' about. Not only do those girls LOOK incredibly cozy and cute, they truly are. We have a few sweaters in stock right now but you can look forward to more in the future. A little tip: If you see a sweater you love but it's not quite baggy enough, just size up one or two sizes for the adorable over-sized look! Who cares if you normally wear a size M and end up purchasing an XL. Trust me, NO ONE cares! ;)

>>> Get the look<<<


If you do not own a kimono/duster what are you waiting for!? They make your life so much easier, I promise. They are lightweight, easy to pack, and compliment every body, shape, and size. One of my personal favorites is this LEOPARD DUSTER CARDIGAN. What's not to love about this beauty? After all, leopard is basically the new black. :) You can look forward to more to come.

>>> Shop all Cardigans/Kimonos here <<<

Well, ladies, there you have it! These items will get you through this incredible season, in style. You can bet your bottom dollar you'll be seeing a lot more leopard and camo print, too! Let's save the topic of patterns for my next blog post though, shall we? ;)

Cheers Friends,

Country Faith Boutique

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